Leaves Blocks in a cardboard box 200 pcs

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Leaves Blocks in a cardboard box 200 pcs

The set contains 200 elements, and the very original, unusual shapes and the ease of connecting blocks create an inexhaustible field for children’s fantasies. The possibilities are endless – together you can build cars, spaceships, animal and plant figures, buildings, houses with garden and many other constructions.

Thanks to various forms and precise execution, blocks can be easily folded. The assembly system facilitates interconnection of elements, which allows creating larger spatial structures. Toy made of high quality, safe and non-toxic material. Playing with Leaves Blocks develops the child’s imagination, dexterity, hand-eye coordination and creativity. Practices concentration, teaches, among others counting, recognizing colors and shapes, spatial relations – above, below, right, left, next to. Building blocks together with parents or other children develops communication skills and teaches how to share and interact.

Build, destroy, rebuild... Let your child develop his imagination and creativity without limit, he will surprise you! The pieces of this educational game are perfectly adapted to children from 36 months of age.


Measurement: 19,5 x 25,5 x 5 cm

Packaging type: box

Number of Parts: 200

Age recommendation: 3+

Material: Plastic