Funny Blocks 36 el.

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Funny Blocks 36 el.

Funny blocks is a set consisting of 36 elements. Among them there are parts in the shape of animal heads, such as: giraffe, dog, kitty, horse, monkey, parrot, hare and elephant, which in combination with other blocks ideally arrange in the form of a chosen animal. Easy and precise mounting system, various shapes of Funny blocks create many other possibilities of creating a structure, which stimulates the imagination and creativity of the child.

Set that contains building blocks of various colors and shapes that allow an infinity of combinations to imagine beautiful stories thanks to the small clipo picks to fit together. This set has been specially designed for the hands of young children, allows you to share precious moments of awakening between parents and children, promoting a space for expression and playful learning.

Build, destroy, rebuild... Let your child develop his imagination and creativity without limit, he will surprise you! The pieces of this educational game are perfectly adapted to children from 36 months of age.


Measurement: 19,5 x 25,5 x 5 cm

Packaging type: box

Number of Parts: 36

Age recommendation: 3+

Material: Plastic