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Huppa spring overalls Deiro (40 гр.)

Huppa spring overalls Deiro (40 гр.)
Huppa spring overalls Deiro (40 гр.)
Huppa spring overalls Deiro (40 гр.)
Huppa spring overalls Deiro (40 гр.)
Huppa spring overalls Deiro (40 гр.)
Huppa spring overalls Deiro (40 гр.)
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Huppa spring overalls Deiro (40 гр.)
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Insulated (40 g) waterproof and windproof overalls for babies, suitable for spring and autumn.

The outer layer of the overalls is made of breathable material.

The overall is conveniently fastened with a zip. The comfortable hood protects from rain and wind.

The overalls have a flannel lining and elastic band sewn into the sleeves, the ends of the legs and the hood.

Overalls for sizes 68-80 have removable arm and leg covers.

Elastic leg straps (elastic band) are included.

Children's overalls are equipped with reflective elements that make the child visible in the dark.

Glued seams provide additional protection. 

The product does not change colour, shape, appearance and size when washed. 

The products are made of ultra-light breathable fabrics, but at the same time protect the wearer from rain and wind. 

Huppa's main goal in developing clothing is safety, comfort, practicality and ease of maintenance.


Children feel comfortable - in any weather!



40 gr.


100% polyester


100% cotton

Water column

5 000 mm


5 000 g/m2/24h


0 l/m2s

Water- and -dirt repellant


Taped seams

main seems taped

Temperature range

from 0°С to + 10°С


HuppaTherm is a high-tech lightweight synthetic insulation of the new generation. The unique structure of the microfiber keeps out cold air, while keeping the heat between the fibres and thus providing garments with high thermal insulation. HuppaTherm is insulation with uniquely arranged microfibres that ensure high and quality thermal insulation for products, while making sure that the garmentn are easy to wash and dry quickly.

The reverse side of Huppa fabrics are covered with microporous polyurethane (membrane), prevents the passage of water and wind through the material, while allowing for the body – generated moisture formed under the clothes to evaporate.

For maximum moisture - resistant products, major seams are taped with waterproof tape.

Huppa fabrics have high wear resistance. Intertwined fibres in the fabrics are made using special technology, which gives the fabric fabric strength and protects it against abrasion, thereby extending the product life.

Many high-quality reflective details are used in the design of Huppa garments. In bad weather conditions or in the dark when light falls on the garments, they are reflected making the child more visible and reducing the risk of accidents.

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