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3D wooden game - puzzle “Tetris” 2 in 1

3D wooden game - puzzle “Tetris” 2 in 1
3D wooden game - puzzle “Tetris” 2 in 1
3D wooden game - puzzle “Tetris” 2 in 1
3D wooden game - puzzle “Tetris” 2 in 1
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3D wooden game - puzzle “Tetris” 2 in 1
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3D wooden game - puzzle “Tetris” 2 in 1

The game Tetris can be played in different ways.

1. You can place the figures on a frame base so that there are no voids left.

2. You can use the game cube (included), the cube indicates the color of the block that needs to be placed on the game base, and there should be no empty spaces.

3. Colored parts can also be arranged in a 3D composition.

The game contains 48 colorful elements of different colors and shapes, as well as a colored cube.

Children can sort geometric shapes by shap. and color.

While playing, a child learns not only compatibility in color, number and shape, but also the relationship between them.

The 3D pyramid is made of safe, environmentally friendly natural material.This toy will be interesting to both boys and girls.

This educational toy is very popular with parents and teachers. 

The following study areas are supported:

- sensorimotor coordination,

- logical thinking,

- movement skills;

- hand-eye coordination;

- fine motor skills,

- orientation on the plane,

- creative thinking,

- expanding the baby's vocabulary.





48 pieces

Package size:

17 x 14,5 x 1,5 cm




Age 3 - 4 Years

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